What We BelIeve

Our Theology Matters

What we understand about the nature of God, man, Christ, salvation, God's word, the covenants, and election are essential to how we live out our lives and relate to God and others. 

At Hope Christian Church, we are theologically reformed(link), and in as much, we trace our theology to the Protestant Reformation in the 1500's. This historical, conservative theological tie to the Reformation means that we are often called Reformed Baptists(link). 

At Hope Christian Church, we ascribe to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith(link), of which C. H. Spurgeon said, "Here the youngest members of our church will have a body of Truth in small compass, and by means of the scriptural proofs, will be able to give a reason of the hope that is in them."

Historically, Reformed Baptists are theologically covenantal(link). At Hope Church, we agree that the entire story of redemptive history can be seen as God unfolding the covenant of grace from Genesis 3:15, through to its fruition in Christ. Covenant Theology is a very Christ-centered way of looking at Scripture. 

At Hope, we embrace the five Reformation 'SOLAS':

Sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone

The Reformers taught that the Scripture alone is the final authority for what we must believe and how we must live. 

Sola Scriptura means that the Bible, and the Bible alone, is our only infallible source of authority for faith and practice.

Sola Gratia: Grace Alone

How can a sinful man become right with a holy God? Through the study of the Scriptures the Reformers saw that salvation is the gracious gift of God. Man contributes nothing to it. It is only by the sheer, absolute grace of God.

Sola Fide: Faith Alone

The Reformers taught that the means whereby a sinner is graciously justified before God is faith–not faith plus merit or faith plus works–but faith alone. Through faith alone the righteousness of Jesus Christ is imputed to the one who believes.

Solo Christo: Christ Alone

Jesus Christ alone is to be trusted for salvation–not priests, popes, councils, or traditions.

Soli Deo Gloria: The Glory of God Alone

It is God, not man, who belongs at the center of our thoughts and view of the world. And it is God’s glory alone that is to occupy first place in our motivations and desires as His children. He created us and the world for Himself, and He redeemed us for Himself. Our purpose is to glorify Him.