Why Small Groups?

Small groups can help us develop a greater sense of Christian community in a disconnected age. They facilitate the formation of deeper Christian friendships, encourage greater spiritual accountability among church members, and become a natural opportunity for inviting unbelieving neighbors to interact with a covenant community. Small groups also provide a setting where the church begins to experience the kind of closeness that will characterize the life of the redeemed in the age to come. Let's get plugged in!

  • FOUNDATIONS : What we believe...and WHY.

    A Bible Study and Fellowship

    In this group, Pastor Kevin Molloy and Aaron Eggiman co-lead a discussion through the foundations of our faith, using the 1689 Baptist 2nd London Baptist Confession.  Here you will discover why we affirm a confession, why we theology matters, and why the classic reformed view of scripture and Christ guides our faith and practice. 

    This group is the place to bring questions about what we believe, or why we believe it...and it is where you can authentically discuss into how Christ affects our lives and how we live! If you ever wondered about the Bible, about theology, or about what it truly means to follow Christ- this study is for you!

    This group is BLENDED...meaning you can join in person, or online over ZOOM! If you would like to sign up for this class, sign up HERE.  

    Also, you can join online by following the ZOOM link HERE!  

    (ZOOM Meeting ID: 851 4855 9747      Passcode: 6617779012)

  • JOSHUA: Winning the Worry Battle

    Women's Bible Study & Fellowship

    Cathy Molloy leads this women's bible study through the book of Joshua, beginning in January 2021, Women of all ages are encouraged to come and join in this discussion-based study! There is a workbook to use weekly. This bible study is BLENDED...meaning you can join in person, or online over ZOOM! I

    f you would like to sign up for this class, register HERE.  Also, here is the online ZOOM link, (Meeting ID: 857 3044 9635 / Passcode: 6617779012) or you want you can just contact Cathy!  

  • Young Adults: Life Group and Bible Study

    This life-group is for young men and women at Hope. From college to married, if you are under 30- this group is for you! Led by Aaron and Aubrey Eggiman, Young Adults Group meets weekly at the Eggiman home.

    Contact Aaron for the address and directions!

  • Chronological Bible in a year

    Terry Eyrolet leads members at Hope through a chronological reading of the Bible in a year. If you ever wanted to read the whole Bible, and wanted people to discuss it with, this group is for you! 

    Contact Terry to get involved!

  • Day and Night Ministries

    This is a bible study that dives a bit deeper! Day and Night Ministry is a study plan that reads a book of the each month, and discusses it within the group. This plan takes you through the entire bible  in 5 years, and is led by Aaron Eggiamn. 


  • DGs - Discipleship Groups

    If you ever wanted to have accountability as you read the Bible, this is a discipleship plan for you. Meet with 1-2 other people (same-sex), and read chunks of scripture together. This study is focused on application and accountability. If you are interested in pairing up, we will hep you find a DG!


  • How to Study and Really Learn the Bible 

    Bible Study and Fellowship

    This is a bible study for adults that focuses on HOW to study the Bible and investigate what it is saying. Sometimes referred to as hermeneutics, this class shows us how to dig into the historical, grammatical, cultural elements that help us understand what God is saying through His Word. This study will be starting up in the spring of 2021! Interested? Contact Pastor Kevin HERE

  • Youth: Fellowship and Bible Study

    Hope Church is growing! we are looking forward to kicking off a youth group soon! Check back for details, or email Pastor Kevin for details!